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About This Website

This website shall (i) explain mathematical concepts visually when possible, (ii) have clear examples that shows all the algebraic steps, and (iii) practice questions and complete solutions. The interactive power of a website will be used to explain concepts which are hard to understand from reading a textbook or listening to someones explanation. This website shall encourage students to solve problems on paper without a calculator. Access to technology hasn't made pen and paper redundant since it is the best way to master any branch of mathematics. Relying on calculators or online resources as substitute to first hand knowledge is really "no progress with technology" and this website will save you from that trap and steer you in the right direction.

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How to use this website: Students

The first thing to do is get a pen and paper. The sections are meant to be done in the order they are shown. The examples are very visual and you are recommended to go through these interactive examples are learn visually rather than memorising steps. The exercises are done paper and you can check your solution with the solution provided by the website. This site will encourage you to show your working out clearly. In addition, unless otherwise stated do not use a calculator for the exercises; this website encourages you to internalise the fundamentals of mathematics and a calculator has no role in this.

How to use this website: teachers

The webpages can form the core of the course, and this will give all students access to syllabus, appropriate exercises, and complete solutions to these exercises. The more advanced/keener students can be given extra problems and the website can help others to fill gaps in their knowledge. The interactive examples can also be used during class. The website can help you manage a multi-level class. Some guiding comments on the different sections:


This section first explains the fundamentals of Algebra, and then gives a thorough grounding in solving equations from 1 to 4 steps before finding the value of x.

Linear Equations

This section explains the fundamentals of straight lines. The course can be supplemented with harder questions for students that wish to advanced mathematics.


The section starts by explaining the fundamentals of quadratic equations, and all advanced are topics are covered in detail including completing the square, the connection between transformations and completing the square, and the derivation of the quadratic formuala. The course is very advanced but can be supplemented with word problems. This is most succinct, systematic, and complete course on quadratic equations available for free on the internet.

More sections to follow, watch this space !!